Thursday, April 22, 2010

What happened?

I'm not exactly sure what happened the past few days. I have been feeling pretty crappy with some chest/throat thing so I haven't been working out, but I have been sticking to my points. Yesterday was the first day I have felt like myself and not like crap so I worked out to one of my old faves - Crunch Fat Burning Pilates and followed it up with W2D1 of the C25k (which I had to stop after 18 minutes because I couldn't breathe very well) I weighed myself this morning and I am only down 0.1 pounds from last week. I know it's 1/10 of a pound, but still. I have been 100% on with my points and then even got 2 sorts of workouts in last night. Hmmmm... Could it be because I haven't even be doing my normal activity of walking around, cleaning house, taking care of kids? I've pretty much been stuck in bed or just lounging around with a little tiny bit of activity in here and there. Is that my problem? Any insight?

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