Monday, December 19, 2011

28 going on 70

I have been telling myself that I'm going to start my healthiness journey again for quite some time, but I keep making excuses to halt the start-up.
I have some pretty important reasons to get it done this time. I have officially gained all 30 of the pounds I lost in 2009-2010 back; my knee is hurting way more than it ever has. Side note: I'm setting an appointment for a visit with an orthopedist as we speak; my clothes don't fit; I feel like crap; I'm beginning to notice how much harder of a time I have breathing when I'm going up the stairs - this is all just unnecessary.

My cousin and I are partners in our healthiness journey - which we agreed upon starting today. Well, she sent me a message on Facebook this morning telling me how she started already and made her meal plan. I made an excuse of how I was going to wait until Wednesday to start because I get a free entree at Noodles and free coffee at Caribou in celebration of my birthday tomorrow and I was taking advantage of them. If I keep starting 'tomorrow' I'll never do it. I just got pissed at myself and realized I need to do it now. So what I didn't measure my bowl of cereal this morning- I can still make the rest of the day happen. I am in control of my actions!

David has been supporting me and trying to cheer me on for so long and I keep falling short on my word. We bought a 90 day workout system from Best Buy a couple of weeks ago (totally a rip-off of P90X) for a super awesome mega deal (it came down to less than $7 with my discount) and we agreed we would both start it. He's gotten 13 days in and I have yet to pop it in. I owe it to him to keep my word and do it with him; I owe it to myself to keep my word and do it FOR me!

I saw this on Pinterest recently and it spoke to yelled at me. I'm tired of being in pain. I'm only 28 (ok, I'll be 29 tomorrow) I shouldn't hurt like this.

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